Corporate Facilities Group is a global leader in technology with a full range of services including identifying existing building conditions such as:

  • Exterior and interior building conditions
  • Recommendations related to existing building conditions
  • Identifying cost savings opportunities
  • Improvements for maintenance procedures

The Technical Consulting Services Group specializes in the development and application of state of the art facilities management systems, procedures and tools. Often working behind the scenes, CFG offers resources that customers cannot provide themselves due to time, personnel and expertise, CFG’s winning combinations of technical expertise, our management philosophy of raising the bar of service excellence, controlling operating costs, enhancing customer services by providing superior management/leadership and technical support to our customers contribute to their growth and long-term success.

Technology Solutions

  • Facilities Assessment Evaluations/Audits
  • Project Management
  • National Purchasing Programs
  • Furniture Management
  • Electrical Distribution Audits
  • Energy Management
  • Facilities planning
  • preventive Maintenance Evaluations
  • ADA compliance
  • Environmental and Safety
  • Uninterruptible power Splly (UPS) Survey
  • CMMS Implementations
  • Enviornmental Technology